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Foto Welcome to Legend…
This my time to shine…
I’m Daryll aka DAZ, Resident Writer at MJJCommunity and Aspiring Novelist…

This site is all about my journey as Writer…
It represents my Passion of bringing ESCAPISM…

With features such as "SPOTLIGHT" on my upcoming Book project "SCARED"

It also depicts my Spiritual Journey called “THE SPARKLE OF HOPE"

It lets you ‘taste’ my flavour of stories with “THE STORY OF THE MONTH” section… also published on MJJCBlog...

It provides you with “FEEDBACK” of friends and family who know my work already…

It gives you a glimpse into the 'life' of a writer in the section "WRITER DRIBBLES".

Last but not least…
I present you "MY Inspiration" simply called Michael Jackson...

You can ONLY reach me through E-mail Key5master@yahoo.com.
PLEASE note in the ‘subject line’ FEEDBACK as I don’t want you to end up in my ‘spam box’.

It’s your time to shine and we’ll be right there with you,
[ terug... ]Omhoog

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