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I'm Casper…
I’ll be forever 9…
I wish I NEVER showed dad my talent…

This story is
Dedicated to
Michael Jackson…
Your legacy will always continue…
Rest in peace, sweetheart!

“A wonderful day”
Chapter ONE in “The Promised child”
Written by Daz… Inspired by MJ…

August 29, 2003
Alabama, Georgia

“Cas, get your butt in the house” his stern father yelled.
He ignored his cry at first as he was dreaming of being free as free as those children across the street playing basketball. It should have been a wonderful day as today he turned out 5 but celebrating birthdays was a waste of time considering his dad and besides they didn’t have the money for cake and presents anyway.
The porch door swung open and he felt a push on his back.
“I told you to come in. We’re waiting for yé.”
“Okay” he sighed and reluctant he got up and slumped into the house.
It was a small white wooden house with only a living area, a kitchen, bathroom and only 2 bedrooms. One master for his parents and the other one he had to share with his 2 eldest brothers. Abe was 13 and Benjamin was 8 and the twins who still slept in a bunk bed in the master bedroom, were Dean and Edgar both only 3!
“Start from the beginning! “ Dad ordered him and pushed a mic into his hand.
Sad, he looked at it.
“Don’t keep your brothers waiting! “
“I wanna play dad” he bravely said and saw his eldest brother cringe in. He didn’t see it coming the blow. It hit him hard this time. All day dad had forced him to sing for some contest he got him enlisted to.  
Indeed, he had a beautiful singing voice discovered while he was singing along with the radio helping mum doing the dishes...
“Martin” his mum called out as Casper started to cry and fled in mum’s protective arms.
“Let it rest for today! He’s tired.”
“If you gonna keep hitting me, I’m never gonna sing again” he said bravely being cuddled in mum’s arms.
It made his dad sigh.
“I only wanna make you stronger. You’re gonna be the best!” dad only remarked.
“Martin. He’s only 5.”
“Okay, let’s call it a day. Good job boys.”
He disappeared into another room. His siblings didn’t even sooth him. Bored Abe and Benjamin fled outside to play.

To be continued...

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