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One day, GOD thought it was time to give the world a special gift. So, he created a little boy with special talents. He designed him so all men and women would benefit from his doings and the world would become a peaceful place again. So, the boy was sent to earth to fulfill God's plan. Unaware of this, the boy grew up giving his parents hope and joy. Giving the scampering crowds, delight and escapism with his dazzling performances and his angelic voice.

The seas he sailed were never easy 'cause he had to avoid ships of fools. Hurt yet determined, he pulled through and held his head up high. GOD was angered that his 'beloved son' was hurt and mistreated. He never thought they wouldn't accept him. Although only the 'idiots' were jealous. There were wise people too who followed him and understood his wise words. GOD was glad too. His plan would succeed after all. Although each day, there were pirates to watch out for trying to sink his ship.

As the boy grew into a fine man, he set his voyage further with ripped sails of the numerous attacks by pirates. They tried with no avail to destroy his ship, his life, his dreams... His ship was made out of the strongest wood and he was a brave man who stood with pride on his deck. He knew by now what GOD wanted of him, to give the people on earth happiness but most of all awareness... He did often cursed 'why me? ' . Now, he had accepted his faith as he noticed ships of his loyal admirers following and protecting him where ever he sat sail to. It gave him courage and strength. His followers believed his promise in a better world they were sailing to.

To the pirates, they were better known as 'his army' who lashed out each time their captain was hurt. Unfortunately, they had to sank many pirate ships.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the name of the captain. It's YOU... MICHAEL... You're the special gift GOD send us!

*** Sincerely dedicated to Mr. Michael Jackson ***
You are my guiding light... You are My Inspiration...


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