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Foto This page is for my 'dribbles'... An 'inside' look into the world of a Writer...


I wanna sleep..."

Yesterday, I created this site and when it was around midnight I was still busy on it. Midnight is my 'curfew' then I say enough for today! My mind doesn't always agree so in bed I keep creating while my body wants to sleep. So I lay awake thinking of how to create this site and suddenly inspiration for my 2nd book slips in...

"I wanna sleep! " I protested but my character Daryll never listens and keeps on talking about his life. Cool but frustrating sometimes! I looked at my clock. 00:41 AM...

"Can I go to sleep now? " I asked him.
"Okay" he sighed and off he was.

So I really understand of how Michael really wanted to sleep!!! For creative people going to sleep can be torture as your mind doesn't listen to your body!

Please note: I only write when I don't have to go to work the next day! Otherwise, I'm a zombie the next day when I have to get up early! So when I write I only get up at 9AM!

July 30, 2009



Today, I had some inspiration for a new book. That always comes with the usual headache pounding in my head. Where ever I am, I have to find paper and pen and jot down the lines in my head otherwise the headache gets worster. It feels like my head is gonna explode but as soon as its on paper the headache ebs away... Wierd, I know...

Aug 7, 2009


"Meant to be"

We made a citytrip to London last weekend and so I suggested we go to Bond street. A place used in a 'demo' of my 2nd book! Man, was it cool to walk in my book! How many writers can say they exactly walked in their story? Of course, inspiration flooded my mind...

Aug 29, 2009


"Write I say"

I had this inspiration lingering in my mind for a new book. The flashes I got were really heartbreaking and so I protested...
"I'm not gonna write about this"

Who ever put these thoughts in my mind (Michael or God) didn't wanna let go and kept bugging me with these flashes and words screaming in my mind.

"Okay" I gave in.
"You win"

Now it's recorded in audio the flashes and words are gone... Wierd of how inspiration can control your mind...

October 24, 2009


"Please stop nagging"

Its funny how I call my 'muse' or the one who gives me 'inspiration' ... MY NAGGER...

Its frustrating sometimes as you wanna concentrate on something and he 'my nagger' heehee... Constantly distracts me with 'images' and 'dialogues' ...

Yesterday... I scolded him and then felt 'quilty' but he wouldn't stop 'flashing' scenes and wouldn't stop 'nagging' about the exciting story in his mind...

My dad looked up strange as I suddenly blurted out, out of nowhere...
"Tonight, okay"
I had then to 'explain' that it was my "muse" haunting me with a story again...

I did welcome him that evening to listen his 'story' and I just wrote down the big lines as in a 'storyboard' that will both work on...

I love spending time with my muse or my spiritual master but its frustrating sometimes when he 'dooms' up when you don't 'expect' him...

So... Thank you for the inspiration sweetheart and together we'll make Magic...

Legend Nov 2010

Blog 6 : 'Not of this world..'

Indeed, I feel like I'm NOT of this world... yesterday, I went with friends to a party but now NOT a TMC party exclusively for us but mixed with the 'real' world outta there... It scared me...

Then the voice told me...
"take it as a social experiment... Write, create about it..." So I picked myself up... Well, that was after I met our Stoftje :) Strange is when he's in the room I feel at HOME and just with friends, I feel LONELY and 'out of place'...

ah, the life of a writer so emo hey...

Dec 11, 2010
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